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2901-G Palm Bay Rd NE,

Palm Bay, FL 32905

Doggie Do's Grooming 

More Than Just Dog Grooming


Read below to get detailed information about that service. Can't find what you're looking for? Use the link at the left to contact us and we'll try to help. 

Appointments/reservations are required for all services, except for nail trimming. Grooming appointments are available Tuesdays through Saturdays. 

                                     Grooming Services 

Dog Grooming 

Your pet's health and comfort are our #1 concern! Beauty is a close second. 

We cannot give exact price quotes since even within a specific breed there can be wide variations in size and coat. We can give you a closer estimate in person after we've met your pet but the final bill depends on how much time is required to complete the groom. Some animals require extensive dematting, hand scissoring and/or special handling due to age or temperament - these are items that we must charge extra for because of the extra time, materials, and/or experience involved. Our prices are not always the lowest around. We do not attempt to be cheap. Instead, we strive to provide the best service to our clients.

Bath - Consists of brushing*, bath, fluff dry, ear cleaning, nail trim, paw pads scissored, sanitary clip, feet trimmed as necessary, bows or bandanna, cologne. 

Groom - All of the above, plus the body clipped to your specifications. 

*30 minutes of brushing/dematting is included in the bath/groom price. Badly matted dogs that require more than 30 minutes of brushing/dematting will be charged an additional $10.00 per 30 minutes of brushing. 

Skin is checked for signs of problems and/or parasites. Shampoo and conditioner are chosen based on observations of skin and coat condition. Medicated shampoo/rinse and flea shampoos are complimentary. 

Difficult dogs that require extra time or an extra helper will be charged an additional $10.00 handling fee. 

                                     Additional Services 

Nail Trim Only - $7.00 - This service is offered on a walk-in basis between the hours of 9am and 1pm every day we are open.  No appointment is necessary for this service.

Deep Coat Remoisturizing treatment - $5.00 

Nails Polished - $10.00

Teeth Brushed - $10.00

Ear Cleaning/Plucking Only - $5.00