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​Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my dog's grooming take?
We generally ask for around 4 hours.

Larger dogs can take more time.

We like to take our time to do a beautiful job on everyone and to assure everyone is safe and comfortable. Your dog will remain more relaxed if they do not sense we're in a rush.

Please allow us the time we need to get the job done right. 

If you need your dog finished quickly, let us know when scheduling so that we can plan accordingly. Express grooms are generally scheduled in the morning to avoid conflicting appointments.

When can I pick up my dog?

We ask that you come to pick up within one (1) hour after we call.

Non-compliance will result in a $20 Daycare Fee, per hour your pet is here.

What if I need more time?

If you work or otherwise will not be able to come right away, that's okay!

Let us know at drop-off if you won't be able to pick up within the given hour.

We close earlier on some days than others depending on our schedule. 

Do you groom cats?

Do you use tranquilizers?
No. We find that most, if not all dogs respond extremely well to love, positive reinforcement, and lots of yummy treats!

Feel free to bring treats from home for us to give throughout the grooming process.

Let us know at drop-off if you won't be able to pick up within the given hour.

Do you board dogs?

No. Please contact a boarding facility or pet sitter if you plan to be out of town.

How often should I have my dog groomed?

All dogs should be groomed no less than 4-6 weeks apart.

Depending on their coat type and texture, you may find that your dog needs to be groomed sooner!

Will my dog be in a cage the whole time?

Apart from aggressive dogs, as well as some use in the drying process, our dogs are able to roam free in our grooming area for the whole duration of their stay.

We provide potty breaks as necessary.

Dogs are given treats, toys, water, and plenty of love while awaiting their bath/pick-up.

According to many of our clients, lots of our dogs look forward to their "spa day"!

How do you handle "bad dogs

Sometimes dogs have bad days, too. Rather than physically restraining them, which usually just worsens their behavior, we find that giving frequent breaks and positive reinforcement will keep them calm. Treats and "time-outs" make the process easier for them (and us!).

This often results in the dog being with us for more than 4 hours.

Additionally, dogs that are extremely matted or have skin problems will take longer so we can address these issues.

It can take twice as long to remove the hair from a badly matted dog since we have to go much slower to prevent injury to the dog.

Dogs with skin problems require extra time for medicated treatments to work.