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Doggie Do's Grooming 

More Than Just Dog Grooming

How long will my dog's grooming take?
We usually tell clients to plan on 4 hours, larger dogs can take even longer. We like to take our time so we can do a beautiful job on everyone and your dog will remain more relaxed if he/she doesn't sense we're in a rush. Please try to allow us all the time we need to do the job right. 

If you need your dog finished quickly, it is imperative that you inform us when you make the appointment so that we can plan accordingly. Likewise, if you won't be available to pick up your dog right away when we call, please let us know at the time you book the appointment since some nights we close earlier than others. 

We strive to make the grooming experience a pleasure for your dog. Dogs are taken out for "potty" breaks on a regular basis, given plenty of access to water, treats, toys, lots of love, and individually allowed to romp in our playroom while awaiting pick-up by their pet parents. According to our customers, many of our dogs actually look forward to their day at the "spa". 

Occasionally, like us, a dog can have a "bad" day and be a little difficult. Rather than physically restrain him (which usually just irritates him more), we find that giving him lots of "time-outs" from grooming, keeps him (and us) calmer and we are able to get the job done. This often results in the dog being with us for more than 4 hours. 

Additionally, dogs that are extremely matted or have skin problems will take longer so we can address these issues. It can take twice as long to remove the hair from a badly matted dog since we have to go much slower to prevent injury to the dog. Dogs with skin problems require extra time for medicated treatments to work. 

How often should my dog be groomed? 
A typical grooming for long haired breeds is approximately every 4 to 6 weeks. 

Do you groom cats? 

Do you use tranquilizers? 
No! We find that most animals respond very well to gentle but firm kindness, lots of love, and yummy treats. 

Do you board dogs? 
No.  If you have to leave your pet overnight, we recommend a Pet Sitter as it is less stress on your dog.